Juz Amma 30 Journal

I finally got the book that I’ve been searching for a long time since I got here in Pakistan. I was not able to find it by enquiring through the Islamic publishing companies that I follow on Facebook. However, after I stopped hunting for it, just by randomly scrolling on my Instagram, I spotted it. I immediately clicked the link on the website of The Literary Junction Bookstore (TLJB) and read the details. I was even stunned to know that the author of the book is someone I know AYEINA. I got their Alhamdullillah and I Will InshaAllah journals previously.

Now, I contacted TLJB just to double check everything before I place my order because I have to pay in advance since I’m not residing in Karachi. She has confirmed to me the availability and other enquiries I made. She told delivery will be 3-5 business days via M&P however to my surprise I got in 2 days fellas. You can trust them also for paying in advance.

Now let’s get to the book! Here’s what you have to know on what the book offers you and your child:

  • It has 37 surahs with 300 pages in A4 size book.
  • It has big font size which makes it easier to read especially for the young ones.
  • It has a guide page just in case you need one.
  • It is a color coded book which will help you if you’re not familiar with the pronunciation of the letters. Thus, the color coded guide page is available for you.
  • It has Quran tracker. Those are the 5 trackers which you’ll find on the top of the page on the beginning of each surah. Namely as Recited, Understood, Reflected upon, Acted upon and Memorised.
  • It has Surah tracker. You’ll find a star like shape beside each surah on the List of Surahs page.
  • It has a word by word and full English translation.
  • Mini tafseer before reciting the surah.
  • Some of the surahs have Hadith at the end.
  • After each surah you’ll find an Exercise and Journal pages to do some reflection and practice what you’ve learned.
  • At the end, you get the Certificate right almost at the end of the book as a proof of your accomplishment.

InshaAllah I have told everything about it. But if you do have other questions because I haven’t mentioned it above just kindly email me or comment away below. This book is recommended from 4+ and to anyone who wants to learn just like me. TLJB is the only stockist in Pakistan and the good news is, this journal is available in several countries. You may check here if it’s available in your place. It is at the end of the page.

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